Bosch is committed to

Patient safety and unbiased

Safety monitoring of our products

Patient Safety at Bosch

Patient Safety at Bosch

Pharmacovigilance plays an important role in patient safety. We at Bosch Pharmaceuticals have a dedicated department with robust pharmacovigilance system. Highly trained professionals collate and analyzes adverse drug events that may occur as a use of pharmaceuticals throughout its life cycle.


Our vision for pharmacovigilance at Bosch is enhancing care of patients with minimization of risk related to pharmaceuticals, promoting patient safety through pharmacovigilance practice.


Our mission is provision of quality pharmaceuticals with patient safety, up-regulation of pharmacovigilance activities through awareness and education of health care professionals.


Being a responsible pharmaceutical company, we are committed to patient safety and unbiased safety monitoring of our products.

Report an Adverse Drug Event

Any ADR that has been observed with Product of Bosch pharmaceuticals can be reported at Pharmacovigilance department, Bosch Pharmaceuticals. Kindly download the attached form and send it to or Bosch House, Plot No. 209, Sector 23, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan.


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