IMS Policy


IMS Policy

Bosch is committed to process Quality and Halaal pharmaceutical products to satisfy their esteemed customers through strict Halaal, hygienic conditions with the team of qualified and trained personnel. Bosch will pursue every option to continuously upgrade all its facilities (man, machine, material, method) to meet more than the best in country.

Our strength is our people who are focused to achieve our goals by the way of:

  • Meticulous monitoring of our activities as per the IMS(QMS,EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) standard by appropriate system, continuous process development and backed by extensive research activities.
  • Promoting IMS (QMS,EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) management and awareness by regular training and other programs to fulfill legal and regulatory obligations and make Bosch a great place to work.

To develop, implement and maintain the IMS(QMS,EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) Systems in a culture of continual improvement which;

  • Provides framework based on PS 3733, Global Halaal Management System-GHMS, IMS(QMS,EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) Principles for safeguarding the consumer & employee health.
  • To implement IMS (QMS,EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) Quality Assurance system in every department of the Company.
  • Educates people on current IMS (HALAAL) pre-requisites.
  • Promotes professional and flexible IMS (QMS, EMS,OHSAS,HALAAL) working environment, teamwork and innovation through employee participation and process ownership.
  • Protection of environment, prevention of pollution, ill health and injuries, committed to comply applicable legal and other requirements.

“Bosch believes not just what we do, but the way we do it”

Bosch is committed to complete customer satisfaction through cost effective products and services of world class quality & delivery to its customer requirements.It is not just what we do , but the way we do it.We will know and fully understand our internal and external customer requirements and conform to them at all times.Our System for Causing Quality is prevention.Our attitude is “Do It Right the first Time, Every Time”.The Measurement of Quality is how well meet an customer requirements.

Quality Management
At Bosch Pharma, quality management is our foremost concern because the company believes in building of quality right from the selection of raw material through the whole manufacturing process, till the end product. The qualitative edge of Bosch Pharma stems from our highly skilled work force and professional management backed by ongoing integrated human resource training and development program.

The Quality Policy of Bosch Pharma is designed to produce good quality medicines and make them affordable to those in need.

At Bosch, it is a basic premise that Quality is not merely conformance to specifications; it is, in fact, building quality into the product at all stages of manufacturing in order to achieve the desired results within the required timeframe.

Bosch’s quality system is based on the belief that there is always room for improvement and every member contributes towards achieving the highest standards of quality.