Quality Concerns


Quality Concerns

At Bosch, we are committed to our responsibility towards patients and the community. Our products carry a promise of QUALITY and we take issues related to the quality of our products very seriously. Local manufacturing is in compliance to Bosch’s stringent global quality standards which are followed and maintained meticulously at every stage of the manufacturing process.

However, despite every possible check and balance, we recognize that issues may still arise, particularly pertaining to packaging or physical appearance etc. Some examples of this could be:

  • Discoloration
  • Broken or missing tablet
  • Melted capsule
  • Suspended particles in the solution
  • Mislabeling (misprinted text, batch No. &/or missing expiry date)
  • Cracked vial/ bottle or ampoule

If you have any such issue or any other concern with a Bosch product, please bring it to our notice by filling in the relevant information in the form below. Your communication will help us serve you better.

Please note, this pertains to complaints originating from Pakistan only

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