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Alhamdulillah Another Milestone Achieved Punjab Government has once again shown their confidence on Bosch Quality and Manufacturing Excellence and have awarded order of 12 million (12,000,000) Calamox Tablets for First Half 2017. Their confidence is based on that Bosch never compromises on quality of their products and is the largest national manufacturer ... Read More
January 25, 2017Developer


Pakistan's 1st Certified Halal Pharmaceuticals. Bosch Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd. Pakistan complies diligently with all Islamic and legal requirements as Pakistan Halal Standard (PS-3733:2010), Global Halal Management System (IHI-Alliance Malaysia) and Malaysian Standard MS-2424:2012. The Company assures its consumers that products manufactured and distributed by Bosch Pharmaceuticals have been certified halal. Bosch ... Read More
December 17, 2015Developer